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Rainbow 6

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Wine & Dessert Party


What is Windstorm?

Since 2016, Windstorm is a leader in the Quebec esports industry. From being known as one of the pioneer in the community, Windstorm is making sure that players balance their personal life with their passion for gaming.

Mental Health

Mental health as and will always be a problem in our community. Therefore, WE are making sure our players have a positive mindset and understand the reason behind the gaming process. 

Any player that have issues will always be welcomed to speak with our staff that is trained to help anyone in the need.

Physical Health

Physical health as a direct link with the success of our players within their game. Therefore, every players that request help with their physical Health will be helped by a qualified staff.

We support outdoor activity and we always prioritize active activity over anything else.

Surrounded by talented staff

Our staff has been carefully picked and evaluated to give our players the best of the best for their needs. Our mission is clear to everyone and we make sure our player share the same passion & dedication to everyone.

This is what we offer. This is Windstorm.